“An extremely talented condensed matter theorist, Adilet was recognized as one of the foremost experts on quantum systems in reduced dimensions at the interface of atomic and condensed matter physics, which has important theoretical and practical implications for our understanding of magnetism and superconductivity.”

- Provost of Rice University George McLendon

“He was very collaborative and interacted with many experimentalists and theorists across campus. While accomplishing so much scientifically, he also had an intense passion for life that inspired us all.”

- Tom Killian, professor and chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy

Imambekov, Adilet Onlasynovich - was a well-known Kazakh scientist, a rising star in the field of quantum many-body physics.

Born in 1981, he showed great interest in physics and was a highly decorated physics Olympiad competitor during his school years. In 1998 he won International Physics Olympiad in Iceland. He graduated from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 2002 with the great results, which opened immense opportunities for his career as a physicist. He decided to continue his studies in Harvard, where he got a full scholarship. In 2002 during his PhD studies Adult started research, concentrating on many-body physics of cold atoms. He was the first Kazakhstani, who got PhD degree at Harvard University. Coming to Yale University to work with Leonid Glazman as a postdoc in 2007, he became interested in the dynamics of one-dimensional quantum fluids. From 2009 and till his last days Adilet was working as a junior faculty as Rice University. He quickly forged collaborations with his colleagues at Rice University, venturing into new for him area of solid state physics.
Adilet commanded a unique combination of mathematical intuition with deep insight into the physics of quantum phenomena.
Whatever Adilet became interested in, he pursued it with utmost commitment. He was specifically passionate about climbing and became rather well known climber, who conquered two very challenging mountains in Alaska and China. He also participated in Boston marathon twice, and won his first and last full Ironman triathlon competition in May, 2012.
He died on 18th of July in 2012, while climbing Khan Tengri mountain in Kyrgyzstan.
One of the last things that Adilet said to one of us while discussing a joint project before going to his last trip in Kyrgyzstan was: 'You should just strive to solve the most challenging problem and get a result which is most valuable from the intellectual point of view. You cannot try to publish every paper in the best possible journal. There is simply too little time'. Indeed, Adilet was given very little time. But it was enough for him to make a long-lasting contribution to physics and to deeply affect the lives of people who were lucky to know him.


From 2014 Pifagor Center of Supplementary Education has launched the Republican Physics Olympiad named after Adilet Imambekov.

As its symbol, the Olympiad bears the name of one of the brightest minds in Physics in recent Kazakh history, Dr. Adilet Imambekov, who, besides his scientific endeavors in the field of Theoretical and Condensed Matter Physics at Harvard, Yale and Rice Universities, provided immense support to the growth of the Olympiad movement and preparation of talented youngsters in Kazakhstan.

Students of 8, 9, 10 and 11th grade can participate in the Olympiad, as well as the winners of last stages of republican physics competitions. With the experience that our center has we organized the first Imambekov Olympiad in 2014 and now the event is held annually in close partnership and with support of the Kazakh-British Technical University which provides educational and technical resources free of charge. Our aim is to develop the interest to physics and to promote Olympiad movement in Kazakhstan in general.

We are also greatly assisted and supported by Onlasyn Imambekov, the father of the famous scientist and the Chairman of Jury of the Olympiad. In organization of this project we greatly rely on the assistance of sponsors and patrons, representatives of Kazakh and foreign businesses, many of whom are friends and colleagues of Adilet, or those who are simply not indifferent to the development of intellectual youth in Kazakhstan.



1 - place - iPad Mini

2 - place - Pocketbook Mini

3 - place - Acoustic system


1st - place - iPad Mini

2nd - place - Pocketbook Mini

3rd - place - Acoustic system



Условия и решения будут после проведения олимпиады.


Условия и решения будут после проведения олимпиады.


Условия и решения будут после проведения олимпиады.




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